Die Mannschaft enters the year 2018 full of expectations, with the bag unbeaten and the Confederations Cup championship a year ago. But all dreams are broken too soon.

There are indications that Die Mannschaft is not as perfect as it once was, as the tanks continued to be attacked by strong rivals like Britain, France and Spain in friendly matches, before the break. on home soil in Brazil.

The alarm bell rang when the 22 games unbeaten teammate Joachim Low set up turned into five consecutive unsuccessful, in the preparatory phase for the 2018 World Cup. 2-1 win over Saudi Arabia before Opening day is not enough to rejuvenate the spirit of the defending champion.

Championship curse re-established

In the group stage with Mexico, South Korea and Sweden, Germany is expected to win tickets soon. However, Die Mannschaft unexpectedly lost 1-2 against Mexico on the day of the match, in the battle of the subject and the upper mind that they paid dearly.

No way back, Germany confirmed the level with the curtain upstream 2-1, beat Sweden in the last minute despite the lack of people. Even so, the flashes of hope that had just dawned upon were extinguished by the silver-faced face of South Korea in the final game.

Failure 0-2 decapitated led troops led by Low led briefcase briefly back home. Germany became the fourth world champion eliminated from the group stage in the last five congresses.

The lost angel Ozil

The tragedy in Russia involved a series of implemen- tations, in which Mesut Ozil’s decision to retire from the national team was of utmost severity.

Criticized, the Arsenal star was dragged out by a photo taken together with the Turkish president. On July 23, Ozil officially announced the end of his international career, claiming he was a victim of discrimination and racism.

The loss of Ozil, Germany not only lost the best tectonic footprint in the history of Die Mannschaft, but also made the atmosphere of the national team become overcast.

Bogged down in the UEFA Nations League

The new form of UEFA has long been seen as a place to help the charismatic fan base. Increased confidence, when Low himself insisted he supported reform because he wanted to confront his strongest opponents.

Nevertheless, the pride of Die Mannschaft was once again trampled on. Accumulated two points after four rounds and lost all in the trip away from home, Germany fell to Group 2 and face the death knight in the Euro 2020 draw.

6 defeats, 3 draws in total of 13 matches with goal difference of -3, 2018 campaign ended could not be worse with the Germans.