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4 things drawn after the penultimate Champions League: Do not say Ro-Si out of time, where is Liverpool power?

Here are the highlights after the fifth round of the Champions League. Ronaldo-Messi are still unique: In recent times, the media has been dumbfounded by the news of Ronaldo and Messi and have been ruled out of the top three…. Continue Reading →

Amazing statistics after the fifth game in the Champions League

Liverpool have certainly caught the eye of the biggest losers with 3 successive away games, but there are still many more to be mentioned in the penultimate round. Here are the typical statistics …

Bayern Munich vs Benfica

Bayern Munich had an impressive blow to Benfica in the 5th round of the UEFA Champions League.

Juventus vs Valencia

With Juventus’ victory over Valencia, Cristiano Ronaldo has also opened a new milestone in the Champions League.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Inter Milan

The Tottenham players have played with 200% of their strength and have won a great game against Inter.

PSG vs Liverpool

In a very important match, the Liverpool players and especially Van Dijk did not perform well, leaving a serious consequence

PSV vs Barcelona

Messi continues to beat Ronaldo and set a record in the Champions League.

Manchester United vs Young Boys

One goal in added time pushes Manchester Utd to round 1/8. However their people are not quite happy

AS Roma vs Real Madrid

There have more obvious opportunities but not successful, then the mistakes of the defense made AS Roma pay the price.

Lyon vs Manchester City

Manchester City has a spectacular performance against Lyon in the fifth round of the Champions League 2018/2019

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