Here are the highlights after the fifth round of the Champions League.

Ronaldo-Messi are still unique:

In recent times, the media has been dumbfounded by the news of Ronaldo and Messi and have been ruled out of the top three. Meanwhile, the Spanish press continued the drama, claiming that Luka Modric was the best in the world, while CR7 was second and Leo was not named. Although the truth is unknown, however, the fans seem to be extremely upset by the rumors.

In addition, some have begun to talk about the dying era of the famed Ronaldo-Messi. But they were wrong. The top two superstars are still there, competing and shining and giving the soccer world the best performances.

Early, the Portuguese striker struggled at Champions League this year. At present, CR7 continues to prove his dominance in the European arena. One assist in the Valencia game is not too much but enough for Juventus to win the ticket in the 1/8 round of the Champions League. At the age of 33, the striker No. 7 is not declining in style but more and more perfect himself. The most important thing, when the club needs, he always appears and left a clear mark.

Messi, South American striker back to C1 after injury with a goal and one assist. In a day Barca plays lack of motivation, mournful, tango players are constantly trying to consolidate the club solidly top. The position of the “Blaugrana” in the Champions League thanks to great work from star number 10.

La Liga still dominates

The fifth match ended, a series of big crowd won the ticket to go. To date, there are 12 teams out of 16 clubs in the Champions League. Once again, the La Liga show is superior to the big three: Barca, Real and Atletico.

Bundesliga also owns three faces in the knockout round but clearly not on par with the Spanish. They are the defending champion of La Liga, a defending champion of Champions League and a defending champion of the Europa League. Over the past five years, the “great bulls” continually dominated the European Cup. If they keep up the pace as they did last time, they would have become no match in the Champions League.

Is this the powerful Liverpool?

Liverpool is second in the Premier League and is a nightmare for any team in the domestic arena. No one recognizes a powerful The Kop at the Champions League. The red shirts show a strange weakness, still the same people, the famous Gegenpressing, unfortunately they failed. After five rounds, Klopp lost 3, won 2 and was third in European Cup C.

The PSG re-match is a must-win for them. England representatives know how to control the game but overall, no one performs good enough. The left flank is in the position of Andrew Robertson. While Van Dijk’s center-back struggled with psychological problems and made mistakes at the crucial moment. Again, the line between Liver’s lack of creativity, offensive ideas, they still need a playmaker to make a difference. They shot 8 but only hit the target once. On the PSG side, the shot was 12 and hit 8 times. Apparently, The Kop lost too well.

ManU do not be so happy

At the moment, United and Manchester City are two representatives of the Premier League face in the European arena. Fans have the right to be proud of the Reds’ achievement when they go through a difficult journey to get there today. But Mourinho and his students should not be too happy.

Manchester United are still in competition with Valencia in the final game. Obviously, the Reds did not need to worry too much because the Spanish team was out of the race. Still, United still need a win to try to top the table against Juventus.

As everyone knows, second place at group stage means the club will face many difficulties in the first round of 8 when confronted with many big man rolling. And then, the team is hardly as excited now.