Arriving at the Bernabeu brought with it many expectations, there are names reached the peak of prestige, others left without trumpet.

1. Marcelo – 18 years old. Entered in 2006 for € 6.5 million. One of the most successful signings of former president Florentino Perez. Marcelo is one of the best left backers in the world with incredible stability.

2. Raphael Varane – 18 years old. Entered in 2011 for 10 million euros. The great deal with Zinedine Zidane contributed greatly to Real’s grip on Manchester United. Owing to the Champions League double and World Cup, there is more information confirmed that Varane has entered the Top 2018 Golden Ball.

3. Sergio Canales – 19 years old. Entered in 2010 for € 4.5 million. He was one of the most talented players in Spain, but Canales was not as good as Jose Mourinho.

4. Gonzalo Higuain – 19 years old. Entered in 2006 for 12 million euros. Still a notorious assassin, Higuain’s career at the Santiago Bernabeu did not go smoothly due to a failure in the competition for position with Karim Benzema.

5. Theo Hernandez 19. Entered in 2017 for € 24.4 million. Not showing much and being loaned at Real Sociedad this year.

6. Sergio Ramos – 19 years old. Joined in 2005 for € 27 million. The most expensive Spanish teenager transforms himself into captain, with the club conquering 19 big and small titles.

7. Jesus Vallejo – 18 years old. Entered in 2015 for 6 million euros. Impressed with the Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga 2016/17, Vallejo is a center-back of many experts appreciate.

8.Marco Asensio – 19 years old. Enter 2015 for € 3.9 million. One of the greatest hopes of Spanish football the present time.

9. Martin Odegaard – 17 years old. Enter 2015 at a cost of 4 million euros. Real had to pay a few bucks to get a nod from the Odegaard, but the Norwegian prodigy showed signs of slowing down. Still not turning 20, Odegaard continues to leave the Bernabeu for a season, on loan at Vitesse.

10. Vinicius Junior – 18 years old. Entered this year for 45 million euros. Dubbed the “New Neymar”. Despite a small amount of time, Vinicius still marked the mark with a goal and three tectonic for a Real team this season.