The 1-1 draw against Atletico has marked the 500th in Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets. Are you worthy of the legend of the Blaugrana?

During his stay in Spain, many commented that he had never seen anybody else cause such mixed feelings as Sergio Busquets when he appeared in the official squad as part of the Pep Guardiola revolution. .

Every member of the main lineup knows what their talent is all about, but very few people know it – fans or media outlets. Busquets will, of course, change this mindset, but the early days are very strange.

Sergio is special. Maybe because the tall guy looks very different from the teammates on the left and right wing. However, what became clear to us all – and emphasized every time we talked with any of his teammates – was that Busquets added three important things to the ineffective play of the dynasty. of the predecessor.

Firstly, Sergio is a very solid player and many are afraid he will use that instinct to play an unhealthy football. However, every culer believes him to be a member of Guardiola’s team, which most of them are like the coach of his time as a player.

At Gol Television in Barcelona, ​​Hunter works with a great footballer of his time, Jordi Lardin. As a Catalunya child of Guardiola’s age, but as Espanyol’s star, Jordi insists that while Pep is an outstanding player, he is also willing to use his tricks to kick off the opponent if he does so. There is more space: from insults, footsteps, to all kinds of tricky, so kind. Now think of Busquets.

Next, Sergio possesses a very intelligent footballing mindset. In Guardiola’s idea of ​​an unthinkable Camp Nou, the manager would be free to use 20 excellent players, but their minds must always operate at full capacity. The impact of Busquets on the pressure – a feature of the Guardiola era – and its effectiveness has shown his importance to the team.

Javier Mascherano talks about ‘Busi’: “He has the talent to play for any team anywhere in the world. But it seems Busquets was born just for Barcelona. A perfect guy literally. He knows how to steal the ball, possesses excellent technique and tactical organization. I have to watch him play and improve myself. ”

Vitor Valdes allowed the defenders to move forward, and Busquets pushed the midfield up a few meters to help the strikers when they were pressing. All that is a process.

In the end, it was Xavi Hernendez who pointed to the mala leche ‘innocence’ in the team. He revealed that Busquets learned to play ball in the slums of Badia del Valles and was ready to take that kind of action into situations when the Barcelona artists were bullied. The small players like Xavi or Iniesta liked this.

Since then Sergio has gained the trust of skeptics, until the 2010 World Cup finals at Soccer City (Busquets became the manager of Marcos Senna after Euro 2008). And whether you are a fan of him or not, it is certain that Sergio Busquets is still an integral piece in every success of Barcelona and the Spanish team.