Here are the four stars that have left MU for $0

1. Paul Pogba

Pogba is one of the best midfielders in the world. Not only that, the Frenchman also topped the list of the most expensive blockbuster Manchester United and Premier League. To get to this day, the 25-year-old star has struggled with many struggles.

The most difficult years in MU shirt. Pogba had two years of training at the youth team representing Manchester United. The debut of England in 2011/2012 season, the No. 6 player is not much show as well as get the trust from Alex Ferguson.

The Tangerine striker has to leave Old Trafford for Juventus to look to the future as the season ends. At that time, the club management let him go free. In the end, Pogba played incredibly great and forced United to miss the price of heaven to buy him.

2. Owen Hargreaves

Owen Hargreaves was famous throughout Germany and became a star before joining Manchester United. Not only that, the 1981-born player is also the backbone of England in the early 21st century. Obviously, with solid talents and pedals, the former 37-year-old midfielder quickly merged as well as debut. Impressed right in the first season wearing “Red Devils”
Hargreaves has played 34 games in all competitions and played a key role in the 2007/08 Premier League season. However, in the end, the injuries that left his days at MU overwhelmed misery. The relationship with Alex Ferguson, which is no longer used, finally leaves the 37-year-old free agent and landing at City.

3. Wayne Rooney

Rooney is the second player in Premier League history to pass 200 goals. Not only that, the former Three Kings are also among the top legends in Old Trafford. No. 10 has been with Manchester United for excellence and claimed both the Premier League and the Champions League.

At the end of his 13 years at Old Trafford, Rooney has decided to move to a young age when his contract expires. Although not able to search back to the aura, however, ex-fog in the United States also has a memorable year in Goodison Park.

4. Nemanja Vidic

Vidic is considered one of the world’s leading center for the past 10 years. At Old Trafford, Serbian footballers have won a total of 15 titles, including five Premier League titles and one Champions League title. At the age of 33, Vidic decides to part with Manchester United, bye bye and agrees to move to Inter Milan in free form in 2014.