Although the season has gone just a third of the way, midfielder Bernardo Silva believes Manchester United’s Premier League ambitions will end tonight.

On the verge of Derby to Manchester City in the 12th round of the Premier League this weekend, Man City are much more highly rated than Man Utd. This is perfectly understandable if you look at the distance between two teams on the chart at the moment, namely 9 points.

This means that if City win this evening, the gap will be raised to 12 points and Bernardo Silva said that it is a great distance to the Reds can keep up.

“With the current 9 points, it’s really hard for United to compete against Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City or even Tottenham or Arsenal.”

“It’s going to get worse if the distance is raised to 12 points, and that’s what we’re trying to do.” We will do everything we can to win. We want to keep the distance with Liverpool, Chelsea and other rivals.”