Here are the highlights of the 13th Premier League

1- Head-to-head

After 13 rounds, the top 4 has changed dramatically. Tottenham vs Chelsea win over Manchester City. Pep and Klopp troops with strong, stable style easily overcome the wind turf at West Ham Stadium, Watford. Currently, the green half Manchester remain in the No. 1 position, The Kop tail in the second.

Meanwhile, Spurs crowned the Blues and climbed to No. 3. It is important, the gap between the top two and the next two teams now more than 5 points. From the race, code balance, now only Man City and Liverpool maintain a stable style. The marketing power, the club has not yet received any failure.

Not only the goods sharp sharp, the defense is very solid. To date, Man City and Liver have conceded just five goals. Obviously, one-third of the way, the two heaviest candidates for the Premier League has been more clearly portrayed and now is simply a two-horse race between the top two teams.

2-Chelsea paid the price

Prior to the 13th round of the English Premier League, Chelsea have not suffered any defeat and ranked No. 3 on the rankings with 28 points. However, if constantly watching the Blues play, it is easy to recognize the home team has signs of slowing down in the near past. The most talked Manchester United at home shows how the coach Sarri started to be arrested.

More importantly, the club is far too close to Man City and Liverpool. Not to mention the formidable opponents such as The Kop, Manchester United or Everton, the blue trousers can not be won. Again, the loss to Tottenham indicates where the Blues are and what they need to change.

Possessing the famous midfielder, unfortunately in difficult, people like Jorginho, Kante or Kovacic lack creativity and mutation. Not to mention, the striker also played too mediocre. Now, perhaps Sarri has understood, Hazard alone can not shoulder the team home.

3-Manchester United ambiguous futures

For nearly a third of the season, the media is constantly dissipating on Manchester United. From the dressing room, upstairs club and now the future home team. Mourinho’s troops continue to show the rock negligible, poor and lifeless.
Newspapers say a lot about the “Red Devils” team, the board needs to buy more star class to salvage MU. But the problem at Old Trafford is more than that. From the upper level, the club lacked a long-term strategy to build the team. In particular, a problem has been repeated many times, they lack a sports director to jointly plan to transfer, improve the United team.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese strategist is conservative in tactics almost retrograde with modern football. Also, the way he led also makes the struggling stars struggle to regain their style and find the right place. Mou and the board of directors, even the students do not have a common voice. Therefore, the recruitment of players also difficult to help the future MU more bright.

4-Arsenal bravery

Arsenal continue to have the answer to the soccer world’s revival of the team when winning dramatic before the ” horse umbrella ” Bournemouth. Emery troops still poor in defense, but the way the stone and the way the club overcome difficulties are praiseworthy. Gunners attack simple, sharp, know control of the game and practical use of the time needed.

At the moment, the north London team have extended the unbeaten run of the league to 17th. More importantly, the club is taking advantage of the good times and the top four. City with the city in the journey to protect the throne.