The following players, some have caused the home team failed, some need help from luck

Steve Mounie (Huddersfield)

Entering the battle with Brighton, Mounie is Huddersfield’s number one hope, as three goals from the English Premier League club against Brighton are credited with the player’s performance.

However, not only he can not meet the expectations, Mounie also becomes a criminal of the club. Huddersfield got off to a good start with a 1-0 lead from Zanka.

At the 32nd minute, however, Mounie’s red card, followed by a rude foul, has changed the tide completely. Brighton got up to a 2-1 victory.

Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham)

Back from the hamstring injury, Jan Vertonghen had a decent game against Inter in the Champions League. That is the reason Mauricio Pochettino decided to let Vertonghen start the match against Arsenal despite the defender duo midfield has entered the ‘form’ in the Premier League Alderweireld-Foyth.

Pochettino’s belief has been misplaced. Vertoghen palyed a hand-band in the penalty box which leads to Arsenal’s 10th minute penalty.

Not to stop there, in the second half, he had to leave the field in the 85th minute after two yellow cards. A day of forgetting Vertonghen.

Ben Foster (Watford)

10 minutes into the match with Leicester City, Ben Foster forced to tape out in the situation Jamie Vardy run to the box. However, the ability to finish Vardy is not high because his angle shot is not favorable. However, Forster’s amateur spell gave Vardy a chance to score a penalty.

On the penalty spot later, Vardy easily fooled Foster opened the scoring. About 10 minutes later, the former United goalkeeper went into the net again the second time after the shot of James Maddison.

Sadio Mane (Liverpool)

Liverpool have won the Merseyside derby but this is a lucky win. Strictly speaking, The Kop had a disappointing game against Everton when their attacking lineup had just scored two goals before the goal came on in extra time.
The worst is Senegalese striker Sadio Mane. He missed two good chances in the match and did not score a goal. Mane’s ability to intercept was also a problem when he only succeeded in 4 out of 13 situations.

Helder Costa (Wolverhampton)

The number 10 of the Wolves was nearly invisible for about an hour on the field. He did not take a shot at the opponent. Helder Costa’s 4 wickets and two interceptions failed.

Moreover, the passing rate of the Portuguese player is very low 64%. He also successfully challenged one of the 13 situations. Bad performance of Helder Costa made Wolves 1-2 defeat to the team in the red light, Cardiff City.