Milan had a very unfortunate result against Lazio.

Round 13 Serie A saw the match between Lazio and AC Milan on the stadium Olimpico. Not just a fight between the two famous Italian teams, Lazio and AC Milan will decide for the top four. Before stepping into the 13th, Lazio 22 points to No. 4 than AC Milan 1 point. Just one win over the Rossoneri will outrun the opponent on the table.

Of crucial importance, the two team coaches launched the strongest team possible, only for Milan when the striker Higuain suspended after the red card against Juve. Lazio and AC Milan are the two teams loyal to the three defenders, 3-5-2 of Simone Inzaghi and 3-4-2-1 of Gennaro Gattuso.

The home side, Lazio is the team to control the game during the 90 minutes. They shot almost twice as much as AC Milan (21-11). However, the ability to score not good enough that Lazio only hit the ball hit the target 20% of them.

From a quick counter attack, Calabria up the ball on the right and back to the second line. Franck Kessie appeared right in front of the penalty area, the ball hit. Lazio’s central defender Wallace is always on the net. The home goal was scored by Wallace.

Almost as good as their last win, AC Milan’s rookie Joaquin Correa has spoken out loudly. He made a good start to the game with Gianluigi Donnarumma netting a fine save for Lazio.

In this match, both teams remain the same position as well as the gap on the table. The next round will continue to witness the fierce top four between Lazio and Milan.