Allianz dawned on the anger of a superstar, aiming at the injustice he suffered.

Which justice for CR7?

On the day of Real Madrid 0-3 defeat at the Municipal de Ipurua, Cristiano Ronaldo shot again the message sublimated in Italy. Open the score by the level of processing class, CR7 also made all the admirable thanks to the spectacular spike that eliminated Felipe, contributed to the second leading goal of Juventus.

Notable striker Real Madrid in the Eibar recently included both Luka Modric and Raphael Varane, two names are said to have surpassed Ronaldo, entered the Top 3 Football Medal by France Football magazine. If the leaked information is authentic, the big question mark will come up with the most prestigious individual award in the planet.

It is true that Modric and Varane have been through a successful year, but they have never been a factor in deciding on a similar game. When the line is powerless, both bright lights will be the same team will taste bitter as last night failed. If they did not make 15 league appearances last season, they are unlikely to have enjoyed the Champions League glory for the third consecutive time.

The impressive performance also helped Ronaldo counterpart Leonardo Semplici, the coach of SPAL 2013 has his words before him.

The first time for Mandzukic

With both Giorgio Chiellini, Andrea Barzagli and Paulo Dybala all missing in the starting lineup, Mario Mandzukic was coached by Max Allegri for the first time. The Croatian striker marked a happy day with his second goal in two successive games, following a strong recovery from an ankle injury.

Costa revived

Campaign 2018/19 began in a way that could not be worse for Douglas Costa. Including SPAL, he won 3 of the 17 games since the start of the season. Traumatic injury ban the disastrous appearance of the Brazilian midfielder dropped and lost points in the eyes of Mr. Allegri.

However, the 28-year-old star has a convincing performance. The speed and technique of the virtual, Costa is the best fuze detonator Juve. Unfortunately for No. 11 consecutive excellent reflexes from the opponent and the incompetence of his teammates lost him at least 2 goals and a tectonic tectonic.

Anyway, the hope of positive results will help Costa regain confidence.

Chiellini goes into history

Substitute substitute Alex Sandro in the 87th minute, Chiellini officially rolled 483 times the Bianconeri. After 13 years of hard work, the veteran center has now surpassed the face of Roberto Bettega, who occupied the fifth place in the list of the club has the most number of appearances of all time.

Perfect momentum

After three days, Juve will welcome Valencia in the Champions League. Although not a glorious victory, but 90 minutes relatively calm before the SPAL helped the Bianconeri to support many pillars such as Dybala or Blaise Matuidi. With the title of home, teacher Allegri may not be too difficult to complete the goal of earning tickets early.